Tuesday, January 18, 2011


the reason i have been MIA lately is because i have started a brand new chapter of my life. at a brand new school, in a brand new apartment, with a brand new roommate. i think i am loving it all a little too much to tell you the truth . i love azusa pacific! my classes AND professors. . . .what?! i also love going to a private christian school that is faith integrated. i am so glad that i had the experiences i did all thru my public school and community college days because i think it makes me appreciate this even more! the people here are great and it is so cozy in our little ikea decorated one bedroom apartment, just brooke and i. we are definitely glad it's just us 2. haha. don't fret we still feel like we have other roomies because the 5 guys that live next door to us like to play electric guitar and unknowingly serenade us with savage garden and miley cyrus songs at night. . . i don't think they have come to the realization yet that we can hear them thru the walls. can't wait to hear what they have lined up for tonight ;)

update to come on adventures in azusa!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

a case of the martha's

these past few weeks i have had a case of the martha's. martha stewart that is. i have baked two things in the last week. . . which is more than the usual once in one month. i think it's because i know i am leaving and want to use he kitchen to my full advantage. haha. 
one night i made homemade english muffins. odd right? soooo good though! i honestly didn't even realize you could make them at home until i came across this recipe on cupcakes and cashmere! they turned out super yummy and it made about 18 of them, so i popped them in the freezer so there would be more for later. 
yesterday i made champagne cupcakes for new years using this recipe and they turned out good! they were like vanilla cupcakes with a hint of champagne. . . . a perfect treat for new years!