Saturday, January 1, 2011

a case of the martha's

these past few weeks i have had a case of the martha's. martha stewart that is. i have baked two things in the last week. . . which is more than the usual once in one month. i think it's because i know i am leaving and want to use he kitchen to my full advantage. haha. 
one night i made homemade english muffins. odd right? soooo good though! i honestly didn't even realize you could make them at home until i came across this recipe on cupcakes and cashmere! they turned out super yummy and it made about 18 of them, so i popped them in the freezer so there would be more for later. 
yesterday i made champagne cupcakes for new years using this recipe and they turned out good! they were like vanilla cupcakes with a hint of champagne. . . . a perfect treat for new years!


  1. i love cupcakes and cashmere's blog, and that recipe looked so good! i have wanted to try some of them, and now i am even more inspired!