Friday, December 10, 2010

let me teach you my ways young grashopper

My name is Ashley, well Ashlynn actually, but I also go by bargain queen. I figured I would share a couple of the tricks of the trade and some new info that I found out, that just HAS to be passed on. . . it's THAT good $ Do you have a few places that you always go to? OR stores that you absolutely adore but don't always have the budget for them? Anthropologie. cough. cough. Well, here are a few pointers that work for almost every store : 

-Browse the front, but always stop by the sale or clearance racks! Usually in the back (so you have to look at all the tempting new stuff). Let me tell you it is worth the walk . . . and the treasures you can find! I usually have a "sale walk" that I do in every store. Go ahead. Judge me. But tell me what you paid for your outfit and then we'll talk. But this way you scan every department for the best deals!
-See if they have a rewards program! Things are moving up in the world people . . . it's not just Golden Spoon giving you little stamps for your purchases. Some stores that do this: Sephora, Regal Theaters, & Starbucks to name a few. 
- Get on the e-mail list. I know it may sound like a pain in the butt, but I will graciously take 2 minutes out of my day to go thru e-mails each day if it means a good deal. You get e-mails on what is new in the store, or info on online deals! For example, Sephora sent an e-mail to me last week for 15 dollars off a 40 purchase. Hello!
- This is a site I JUST found out about it and it's great! is a website that you create an account for and login. Then, when you are doing online shopping you go thru this site to the ones you want. Why you ask? You get cash back! For every purchase you make thru this site you get a certain % back from your purchase a few months later in a check! It's literally like you are getting paid to shop in your pajamas. 
-For all you beauty product lovers out there . . . will tell you which department stores are giving gift with purchases at the different make up counters!

These are just a few tips that I wanted to pass along, especially during the holiday season! Happy shopping and happy saving! 

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  1. I know you wrote this just for me. hahahaha.