Monday, August 1, 2011

try a trend: oversized clutch

the last few months there has been a reoccurring item in many bloggers photos: the oversized clutch. so, instead of paying the $68 american apparel wants me to give them in exchange for one, i decided to make it myself!

1 yd vinyl in color of choice (sale for $4 yd)
16" zipper in complementary color ($4.95 and a 40% off coupon)
spool of matching thread ($1.95)

1. cut the vinyl to the size you desire (i chose 16"x12")
2. sew the bag inside out so the seam is hidden
3. flip it right side out and admire your work
4. sew the zipper on

(mind you i have minimal sewing skills and i was still able to can do it!)

here's how it turned out:

if i went to AA: $68
my handmade total: $9
total SAVINGS: $59

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  1. Ahhh I love this! Thank you! If you get a chance, please check out and follow my blog!