Tuesday, November 9, 2010

not a typical tuesday

every tuesday i usually have spanish at 10:30, except today i woke up to an email from my prof that class was cancelled...hello extra sleep! so, today is not a typical tuesday..i am sitting down to blog with a cup of coffee at my side and phil wickham pandora serenading me. perfection. this past sunday i actually decided to go to joanns and michael's to get fabric and buttons to actually accomplish something i had been planning on for weeks. huh. what a novel idea...accomplishing a craft the day you get the supplies...for any of you who know me this is not normal. see my scrapbook area. haha. so i had seen this super cool idea on this blog and wanted to make one for up at APU! it was super easy to make...just sewing the pillow itself was probably the toughest part, which didn't take any professional sewing skills (because i sure as heck don't have them) and then you just start making a flower pattern using the trim and i used hot glue. WAY easier than sewing would have been! i also had an itch to make a monogram button pillow that i always see on etsy for 60 bucks or more. guess how much ashley's cost? $10. yup, a yard of muslin, some lace, a bag of buttons and some hot glue. tada! it is also so fun to start a project and finish it knowing you saved a ton of $...another fun thing is going to anthropologie (aka my personal heaven) and to find things that you can make yourself that they sell there at a huge markup! so here are the two pillows i made on sunday afternoon! i am trying to do little projects each week to bring up to APU for my new room so that it has all of those personal (...and cheap) crafty touches that i just love :)

vintage flower pillow 

monogram button pillow 


  1. ummm these are amazing Ash!!!! Seriously before I move out again we are going to design my apartment theme and go to town! I have been pulling all kinds of fun DIY ideas for my show, but let's face it they are totally for me too. haha. Love these pillows so much!

  2. Ash. I love this so much! you have so much talent friend!

  3. Wow, that pillow is awesome, nice job!!!