Monday, November 29, 2010

there's something about sundays

ok so i'm not sure what it is about sundays, but they make me want to be creative! i think it is from my nursing classes. honestly. after studying all day sunday i would reward myself by grabbing a coffee and walking thru joanns to clear my head. weird right? so this saturday night i came across this blog and of course my creative brain started spinning right before bedtime. this blog has different templates for planners. . . . for free! after browsing through them until the wee hours of the morning i knew what my sunday would be occupied with $ so. . . . this is what i came up with :

here is the planner

then the month pages (with a to do list section too)

then these are the weekly agenda pages!

here is the breakdown- the binder was a paula dean cookbook that i got on sale at michael's for around 2 bucks. (you could use the small binders at staples too) then i got one and a half yards of muslin (i got extra in case i messed up) and then an eighth of a yard of patterned fabric and went to staples to have the calendar pages printed off on cream cardstock.  i just googled "how to sew a book cover". technical, i know. mind you, i have minimal sewing skills so the seems turned out a little curvy and there are some loose threads . . .but who cares?! sometimes you have to embrace the little imperfections in life.
I am looking forward to using it! there may even be a few felt embellishments that just may make their way to the front cover. not sure yet.  

on a different note, i am loving this actual "season" that has decided to visit orange county. who knew orange county could actually muster up some fall weather?! it also reminds me that january is just around the corner! i am getting so anxious to move out and start a new chapter in my life! on the agenda this week : ikea trip. yay! 

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  1. Cute planner! Gotta get me one of those, maybe it'll keep my life more organized!!!